Opening TMS Account

Step 1: Download the KYC Form

Step 2: Print and Fill the Form

Step 3: Go to TMS Client Registration and Fill your details

Step 4: Upload previously filled KYC form along with Citizenship (both front and back), Office ID , Copy of PAN card, Birth certificate along with Guardian's Citizenship (in case of minor), Passport size Photo

Step 5: Submit the form

Step 6: Email us all the documents and the filled form to dp.aryatara57@gmail.com 

Step 7: Visit Office along with original KYC Form personally or contact the office via phone (in case of not being able to be physically present).

Contacting Office:

Our office has multiple departments so please be sure to contact concerned department. Emails sent to unconcerned Department might get unread and your request might go on hold. Following are the tasks performed by each department:

Customer service Department (CSD):

Client KYC form submission and approval, Basic client details correction on TMS (Bank account, Contact Details, Personal Details).

Depository Participant (DP):

Opening DMAT account, Share Pledge/Un pledge, Share transfer, Dematerialization of shares


Payments, Account Ledger Inquiry


Purchase and sales of Stocks in case of offline TMS accounts.

For more details on services please go here.

How long does it take for purchased shares to be credited to my account?

If the payment for shares has been done by settlement date, purchased shares will be credited to your account after T+2 days (Excluding holidays). If payment is done but shares are not credited by evening of T+3 days, Please contact DP department by phone or email.

How to send payment of purchased shares

You can make payment directly through TMS using your ConnectIPS account or Internet banking or any payment gateway provided. You can follow the following steps in making payment through TMS:

Step 1: Go to Fund Management>Fund Settlement>Buy Information

Step 2: Mark the purchase bill you want to make payment for.

Step 3: Click on make settlement

Step 4: Click on Proceed with payment

Step 4: Select EOD Pay in

Step 5: Select Bank or any payment gateway available

Step 6: Add remark

Step 7: Click Make Payment

Step 8: Confirm your Payment (This will redirect you to the portal of selected Bank Online System)

Step 9: Enter Credentials and complete the payment from there (You can check transfer status of your amount from fund transfer history on TMS).

How to receive payment for sold shares

The bills for Sold shares are created after T+2 days and they are only visible on TMS afterwards.

You can follow the following steps to receive payment through TMS.

Step 1: Go to Fund Management>Fund Settlement>Sell Information on TMS

Step 2: Mark the bill you want to receive payment for.

Step 3: Click on make payment Request

(Once you make payment request it might take one working day for fund to be transferred to your Bank Account. Please be patient until then. If you still didn’t receive payment or you have an offline account, please contact Account department by Phone or Email stating your client ID and Your query.)

Cannot receive password reset email after creating TMS account:

If you cannot receive password reset email, please contact CSD through phone or email and verify whether the email address is valid and ask them to update email and resend password reset link if its invalid.

Link expired for TMS account password:

If you receive message saying link expired. please go to forget password enter your client id (this will be on your previously received email) and submit your email and click submit button. (This will send you email with new password reset link).

Cannot reach Branch office by Phone:

If you cannot reach branch office by Phone (If you are living aboard) Please send us email along with your client Id and state your problem. We are always looking forward for your Email. You can also message us on Facebook via https://www.facebook.com/aryatarasecurities/ 

I cannot visit branch for TMS account verification.

If you live far from our offices, please contact us by phone and ask if we can provide in person verification in your location. In person verification can also be done in case of being differently abled.