Depository service.

We are also registered depository participant with CDSC. We provide depository/custodial services for your valuable stock. A depository facilitates the holding and transacting securities in book entry form. Depository takes an ownership guarantee of shareholder by holding securities and other market instruments which are listed in secondary market, distributed or allotted and can be deposited into electronic form. As a depository participant, we provide following services to the investors.

  • Opening demat account.
  • Dematerialization of securities.
  • Rematerialization of securities.
  • Maintain record of securities in the electronic form.
  • Settlement trades by transferring/recording the securities in BO accounts.
  • Provide electronic credit of securities allotted by issuers during IPOs.
  • Deposit the non-financial corporate benefits (such as bonus, right share etc.) issued by issuers in the demat account of BOs.
  • To facilitate in pledging/unpledging of dematerializes securities.